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Text Books for Class - X

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Text Books for Class - X

Sr. No. Title Details/Download
1 Sanskrit Grammar Part-2 Download(369.58 KB)Sanskrit Grammar Part-2
2 Sanskrit Grammar Part-1 Download(71.36 KB)Sanskrit Grammar Part-1
3 Sanskrit Book Download(23.75 MB)Sanskrit Book
4 Odia-Grammar Suchi Download(107.51 KB)Odia-Grammar Suchi
5 Odia-Grammar Book Download(212.95 KB)Odia-Grammar Book
6 Book Suchi Download(107.92 KB)Book Suchi
7 Odia- Text Book Download(418.66 KB)Odia- Text Book
8 Physical Science Chapter-1 Download(663.16 KB)Physical Science Chapter-1
9 Physical Science Inner Download(80.92 KB)Physical Science Inner
10 Physical Science Chapter-2 Download(316.16 KB)Physical Science Chapter-2
11 Physical Science Chapter-3 Download(456.73 KB)Physical Science Chapter-3
12 Physical Science Chapter-4 Download(397.95 KB)Physical Science Chapter-4
13 Physical Science Chapter-7 Download(748.17 KB)Physical Science Chapter-7
14 Physical Science Chapter-6 Download(385.91 KB)Physical Science Chapter-6
15 Physical Science Chapter-5 Download(414.61 KB)Physical Science Chapter-5
16 Physical Science Chapter-9 Download(928.52 KB)Physical Science Chapter-9
17 Physical Science Chapter-8 Download(618.21 KB)Physical Science Chapter-8
18 Life Science Inner Download(111.01 KB)Life Science Inner
19 Mathematics-Algebra Chapter-(1-2) Download(249.24 KB)Mathematics-Algebra Chapter-(1-2)
20 Mathematics-Algebra Chapter-3 Download(176.89 KB)Mathematics-Algebra Chapter-3