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Teachers' Training

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Teachers' Training

47 government secondary training schools and 13 DIETs provide training in basic teaching education [CT]. 2620 students have been admitted in these institutions in 2001-02. 13 institutes provide Bachelor in Education [B. Ed.] courses, and 1002 students are enrolled in these institutes during 2001-02.

A strategy for training all untrained teachers in primary schools through distance mode has been worked out and will be followed from 2002-03. The duration of the training will be two years, and the training will be rigorous. There will be a large number of assignments, and content enrichment in subjects like science, mathematics, languages, and social studies will be re-emphasised. Through this modified strategy, all the untrained teachers are expected to be fully trained within the next five years. The syllabus has been updated.

The English Language Teaching Institute [ELTI], Bhubaneswar, provides training in English language to the teachers.

Short term training and orientation courses are conducted by various institutes. It has been perceived that with the advancement of knowledge, the content competency of many teachers need improvement. Therefore, a paradigmatic shift has been effected in all training programs to re-focus on content enrichment.