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Resolutions/ Notifications

Date Resolution No. Subject
09.09.2020 12563 / SME Extenssion of the benefit of Rehabilition Assistance to the legal heirs of the deceased employees working in fully aided Educational Institutions receiving Block Grant / Grant-in-Aid(new)New
08.06.2020 8095 / SME Publication of Final Gradation List of OES(SB)(Group-B)(Direct Recruit)officers cadre as on 15.10.2019New
02.03.2020 4975/ SME Notification No.4975, dated 02.03.2020New
26.02.2020 4416/ SME Publication of Final Gradation List of OES (School Branch)(Group A)(ST) Officers cadre as on 04.02.2020New
03.02.2020 2498/ SME Corrigendum-2498, dated 03.02.2020New
03.02.2020 2471/ SME Recommendation of NCPCR on implementation of Section-29 of RCFCE, Act.2009New
03.02.2020 2437/ SME Promotion of OES Officers.New
28.01.2020 2062/ SME Promotion of Sri Satyanarayan Raiguru.
28.01.2020 2013 / SME Notificatio on transfer of DEOs.
16.01.2020 1277/ SME Corrigendum-1277, dated 16.01.2020
14.01.2020 1164/ SME OES Promotion Notification.
03.01.2020 213 / SME Publication of Provisional Gradation List of OES (School Branch)(Group A)(ST) Ollicers cadre as on 02.01.2020.
13.12.2019 26613 / SME Notification on CHSE elected members.
04.12.2019 25758 / SME Final Gradation List of OES (School Branch)(Group-A)(Senior) Officers cadre as on 16.11.2019.
01.10.2019 21022 / SME Office Order no.21022, dated 01.10.2019
27.08.2019 18085 / SME Final gradation list of OES-I (SB) officers in the rank of ADEOs working under s&ME Deptt. for the year 2019-20.
26.08.2019 17956 / SME Final gradation list of OES-I(SB) officers in the rank of Joint Directors working under S&ME Deptt. for the year 2019-20.
21.08.2019 17731 / SME Notification on transfer & promotion of ABEO to BEO.
17.08.2019 17404 / SME Notification on Sr SES Promoted to OES (SB)
08.08.2019 17128 / SME Notification on Sr. TE working in DIET.
08.08.2019 16797 / SME Notification on guidelines on function of SMC and PTA.
06.08.2019 16532 / SME Notification no.16532, dated 06.08.2019.
06.08.2019 16523 / SME Notification no.16523, dated 06.08.2019.
01.08.2019 16029 / SME Extension of the benefit of Rehabilitation Assistance to the legal heirs of the deceased employees working in fully aided Educational lnstitutions and institutions receiving Block Grant/ Grant-in-Aid(New).
01.08.2019 16009 / SME Corrigendum to Notice No.1338 dated 29.06.2019.
23.07.2019 15199 / SME Provisional gradation list of OES-I (SB) officers in the rank of ADEO for the year 2019-20.
23.07.2019 15197 / SME Provisional gradation list of OEs-l (SB) Officers in the rank of Joint Directors for the year 2019-20.
23.07.2019 15185 / SME Provisional Gradation list of OE5-|(SB) Officers in the rank of Deputy Director / DEO for the year 2019-20.
22.07.2019 15112 / SME Notification on promotion of ABEOs to the rank of OEES (Level-l) on adhoc basis.
02.07.2019 13568 / SME Appointment of Dr. Susmita Mohanty as Chairperson, Mo School Abhiyan Parichalana Sangathan.
29.06.2019 13383 / SME List of Schools of cuttack revenue district have been functioning under the administrative control of DEO, Jagatsinghpur.
24.06.2019 12918 / SME Recommendation of NCPCR on implementation of Section-29 of RTE, Act, 2009
28.05.2019 11484 / SME Notification on method of recruitment and conditions of service of the persons appointed to the Odisha Higher Secondary Education.
24.05.2019 11307 / SME Restructuring of Odisha Adrsha Vidyalaya Sangathan (OAVS), under School & Mass Education Department.
24.05.2019 11254 / SME Odisha School Education Programme Authority (OSEPA) is created after merger of OPEPA and OMSM.
05.04.2019 7425 / SME Exgratia to SS, Resolution No. 7425, dated 05.04.2019New
08.03.2019 5754 / SME OEE Cadre Rule, Notification No.-5754, dated 08.03.2019New
08.03.2019 5722 / SME Re-organisation of odisha school education programme authority(OSEPA) under S&ME Department.
08.03.2019 5707 / SME Notification on weitage of school bag.
02.03.2019 5310 / SME Creation of 01 no. of Regular TGT fArts) post from the year 2017 -18.
28.02.2019 5151 / SME Notification on promotion to the post of principal.
27.02.2019 5009 / SME Restructuring ol Directorate of Secondary Education, Odisha, Bhubaneswar under S&ME Department.
27.02.2019 5005 / SME Creation of Post in State lnstitute of Open Schooling (SIOS) Directorate under S&ME Department.
27.02.2019 4999 / SME Restructuring of Board of Secondary Education, Odisha under S&ME Department.
27.02.2019 4994 / SME Restructuring of council of Higher Secondary Education (CHSE) under S&ME Department.
16.02.2019 3960 / SME Notification on transfer of BEOs and posted as HM
16.02.2019 3922 / SME Notification on promotion of Sr.SES HMs to the rank of OES-II(SB)
16.02.2019 3910 / SME Notification on transfer of BEOs and posted as HM
16.02.2019 3882 / SME Notification on promotion of ABEOs to the rank of BEO
02.02.2019 2484 / SME Office order to upgradation of secondary schools to Higher secondary schools.
19.01.2019 1441 / SME Creation of 06 nos. of Regular Posts of Teachers in Govt. Secondary Schools from the year 2016-17 in abolition of equal nos. of Contractual posts hold by the Teachers engaged in different Government High Schools.
05.01.2019 449 / SME Publication of final gradation list of Senior Teacher Educators working in different DIETs of the State.
05.01.2019 444 / SME Guidelines for engagement of Junior Teacher (Contractual)
02.11.2018 26436/SME Creation of 6 nos. of Regular Posts of Teachers from the year 2017-18 in abolition of equal nos. of Contractual posts hold by the Teachers engaged in different Government High Schools.
02.11.2018 23929/SME Final Gradation list of OES-II (SB) & OEES-I Officers working under S&ME Dept. for the year 2017.
22.10.2018 23082 / SME OTET Corrigendum No.23082, dated 22.10.2018New
04.10.2018 22167 / SME Notification No.22167, dated.04.10.2018New
01.10.2018 21834/SME Principals of Different DIETs are Transferred.
29.09.2018 21740/SME Nomenclature of Odisha Adarsha Vidyalayas.
24.09.2018 21137/SME Notification on transfer of BEOs
24.09.2018 21128/SME Notification on transfer of BEO HM
25.08.2018 18498/SME Merger of the Govt.Upper Primary Schools with Govt. High Schools located within a radius of 100 meters
21.08.2018 18260/SME Uniform Nomenculture
21.08.2018 18232/SME Representation of District Transfer
05.07.2018 16169/SME Addendum on Teacher on Call Scheme
25.07.2018 14736/SME Promotion of Sr. SES to the rank of OES-II
05.07.2018 14731/SME Modified of BEOs and H.M.
05.07.2018 14727/SME Transferred and posted as BEOs and HMs
05.07.2018 14721/SME Modified of ABEOs
29.06.2018 14275/SME Contractual engagement of Utdu / Persian Teachers working in new aided (erstwhile Block Grant High Schools)
26.06.2018 13949/SME Promotion of ABEOs to the rank of BEOs.
26.06.2018 13945/SME Transfer and posting of BEOs and Headmasters.
06.06.2018 12703/SME Reservation Policy for Admission into Higher Secondary Schools.
29.05.2018 11986/SME Notification of Shri Tusar Kanti Ghosh, Asst. Director.
25.05.2018 11646/SME Office order for implementation of provisions for the disabled students.
14.05.2018 10384/SME Reorganisation of S&ME Department.
22.03.2018 6270/SME Revision of Pension / Family Pension of Pre-2016 and Post-2016 Pensioners / Family Pnsioners .
16.01.2018 1431/SME Transfer order of Dr. Smita Mishra.
06.01.2018 557/SME Notification on Appointment of Headmaster .
29.11.2017 23292 / SME Revision of educational qualification of SS / JTC Resolution No.23292, dated 29.11.2017New
03.10.2017 18635/SME Notificaton on Lecturer / Reader Transfer.
23.09.2017 18240/SME Clarification regarding regularization of Gana Sikshyakas
31.08.2017 16316/SME Notification regarding functioning of the State Advisory Council
31.08.2017 16300/SME Resolution of Revision of NRTS guidelines
30.08.2017 16219/SME Corrigendum
30.08.2017 16158/SME Final gradation list of OES-I(SB) (Jr.) working under S&ME Dept for the year 2017
30.08.2017 16156/SME Final gradation list of OEES-I(Sr)Officers working under S&ME Dept for the year 2017
23.08.2017 15694/SME Re-designation of Lecturers and Readers.
09.08.2017 15184/SME Notification (promoton of Sri B. Nayak, Sr. Teacher Educator, DIET, Malkangiri to Princial, DIET, Balasore.
09.08.2017 15184/SME Transfer order of Smt. Bithika Ray, OES-II(SB) as Head Master, Boys' High School, Unit-VIII, Bhubaneswar.
09.08.2017 14840/SME Powers and duties of officers and employees
09.08.2017 14856/SME Office Order-14856 Dated 09.08.2017
26.07.2017 13824/SME Fake appointment of teachers as Ujjwal dedicated teachers by Dilgence Learning Focus Society .
07.07.2017 12403/SME Addendum on PET .
04.07.2017 12105/SME Clarification regarding admissible scale of pay of Contractual Classical teacher.
27.06.2017 11360/SME Right of Children for Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009. 
27.06.2017 11343/SME Notification on amendment of MDM Rule. 
17.06.2017 10825/SME Rationalization of Elementary Teachers in Govt. Primary and Upper Primary Schools during the Academic Session,2017,18. 
24.05.2017 9141/SME Notification on payment of grant in aid to school. 
20.05.2017 8908/SME Notification on Non Govt. Fully Aided P S Tech Retd. benefit rule. 
20.05.2017 8904/SME Notification on Employees retirement benefit. 
20.05.2017 8928/SME De-nomenclature of the designation of the Zilla Parishad Teachers. 
19.05.2017 8769/SME Provisional Gradation List OEES-I Officers. 
19.05.2017 8767/SME Provisional Gradation List OES-II (SB) Officers. 
25.03.2017 5487/SME Notification. 
16.03.2017 4662/SME Notification. 
16.03.2017 4653/SME Addendum. 
21.02.2017 2966/SME Notification. 
21.02.2017 2962/SME Notification on Retirement Benefit Rule. 
21.02.2017 2944/SME Declaration of Competent Authority. 
21.02.2017 2956/SME Notification on Issue of Certificate. 
21.02.2017 2950/SME Notification on Permision to Open School. 
09.01.2017 551/SME Notification 
09.01.2017 558/SME Notification 
09.01.2017 565/SME Notification 
26.12.2016 25605/SME Guidelines for engagement of Sikshya Sahayak. 
26.12.2016 25548/SME Transfer of OES-l(SB) Officers. 
23.12.2016 25433/SME EPF and ex_ gratia benefit of the employees of the Odisha Non-Government Aided High Schools, Upper primary (M.E) Schools, Sanskrit Tols and Madrasas. 
23.12.2016 25388/SME Payment of Grant-in-Aid in favour of approved staff of the notified non-govt. Hisgh Schools for the month of December, 2016 to February-2017 during current financial year 2016-17. 
22.12.2016 25290/SME Modalities for regularisation of Gana Sikshyaks. 
22.12.2016 25266/SME Creation of Teaching & Non Teaching posts for 116 Odisha Addarsh Vidyalayas. 
17.12.2016 24863/SME Creation of 275 nos. of Regular Posts of Teachers during the year 2016-17 in abolition of equal nos. of Contractual pots of Teachers engaged in different Government High Schools. 
05.12.2016 24155/SME Office-Order 
05.12.2016 24098/SME Office-Order-Deligation of Power. 
25.11.2016 23379/SME Gradation List Of OES-l (SB) Officers. 
23.11.2016 23262/SME Office Order. 
22.11.2016 23124/SME Office Order. 
22.11.2016 23092/SME Issue of Identity Card to the Ex-Employees. 
04.11.2016 22007/SME Notification on Ministerial Sub Committee. 
21.10.2016 21060/SME Transfer Order. 
13.10.2016 20540/SME Reconstitution of Board of Governors of English Language Teaching Institute, Odisha, Bhubaneswar. 
26.09.2016 19598/SME Odisha Mid-Day Meal Rules, 2016. 
26.09.2016 19554/SME Corrigendum to Resolution No.18618 / SME, Dated 17.09.2016 
20.09.2016 18954/SME Sri Mangal Charan Singh. OES-II(SB), reinsted in servic and posted as Headmaster, Jashipur High School, Jashipur. 
17.09.2016 18695/SME Transfer order of Head masters  
17.09.2016 18618/SME Guidelines for conduction Odisha Secondary School Teacher Eligibility Test (OSSTET)  
31.08.2016 17446/SME Retirement List(2016) of OES-I(Jr.), OES-II (SB), OEES-I (LEVEL-I) Officers of School & Mass Education Department.  
17.08.2016 16330/SME Resolution for Teachers on Call Scheme. (Sankalpa)
02.08.2016 15316/SME Notification on OPSC candidates for OES-II.
01.08.2016 15114/SME Distribution of appointment orders to the candidates selected by OPSC, Cuttack for the post of Odisha Education Service, Class - II (School Branch) by Hon'ble C.M. on 03.08.2016.
25.07.2016 14392/SME Revisiting the Grant-in-Aid Order, 2013.
18.07.2016 13951/SME Examination of health condition.
12.07.2016 13458/SME Mutual Transfer of S.S. Jr.teacher.
11.07.2016 13241/SME Resolution on Implementation of the Odisha Adarsha Vidyalaya Yojana.
11.07.2016 --- Verification of original certificate OPSC.
24.06.2016 12272/SME Guideline for transfer of Secondar Teachers.
24.06.2016 12266/SME Guideline for Secondar Teachers.
24.06.2016 12260/SME Guideline for Transfer of Sr.SER Head Master.
16.06.2016 11690/SME Office Order for transfer of Two Deputy Directors to DSE(O).
09.06.2016 11470/SME Office Order.
04.06.2016 11134/SME Guidelines for rationalisation of Elementary Teachers 2016.
21.05.2016 10059/SME Office Order-Transfer of Joint Directors.
02.05.2016 8526/SME Designation of Director TE&SCERT as Nodal Agency for B.Ed.,M.Ed. Integrated Course.
22.04.2016 7789/SME Notification on TTIs.
12.04.2016 7179/SME Notification on OES -II (SB) transfered.
12.04.2016 7173/SME Notification on OES-I.
11.04.2016 6988/SME Notification on RTE Escort & Transportation facilities to children.
28.03.2016 6073/SME Office Order.
03.03.2016 4766/SME Notification on OES-II(SB).
26.02.2016 4270/SME Taken over 7 ULB Schools.
25.02.2016 4168/SME Resolution.
01.02.2016 2386/SME CORRIGENDUM on Centralised Kitchen Policy under MDM.
28.01.2016 2100/SME Notification on Constitute Grievance redressal Committee.
21.01.2016 1646/SME ADDENDUM on OTET Exam.
18.01.2016 1323/SME Corrigendum on Sr. SES.
07.01.2016 382/SME Promotion of Sr. SES Officers.
06.01.2016 284/SME Corrigendum
20.11.2015 23347/SME Transfer of OES-II (SB) Officers.
05.10.2015 20734/SME Resolution on RACP.
30.06.2015 13284/SME Notification on Reorganisation SCERT.
30.06.2015 13271/SME Notification on centralised kitchen under MDM
22.06.2015 12572/SME Notification for SIOS
16.06.2015 12085/SME Addendum
12.06.2015 11908/SME Enhancement of B.Ed., M.Ed. Course
05.06.2015 11392/SME Revised Task Force Vision 2020.
22.05.2015 10225 / SME Guideline for mutual transfer of SS Letter No. 10225, dated 22.05.2015New
20.05.2015 9967/SME Merger of Directorate of Mass Education with Director, Elementary Education.
25.03.2015 6224/SME Guidelines for payment of ex-gratia grant towards accident relief for students from Student Welfare Fund.
20.03.2015 5812/SME Notification on Vocational Education.
16.03.2015 5354/SME Office Order on 111 Model Schools.
09.02.2015 2625/SME Notification on children completing Primary schooling
17.01.2015 1296/SME Training policy of all officers of S & ME Department
15.01.2015 1068/SME Transfer and posting of OES-II (SB) Officers
15.01.2015 1044/SME Guidelines for protection of women employees working under the administrative control of S&ME Department against sexual harassment at work places and redressa of complaints.
30.12.2014 29042/SME Guidelines to address student absenteeism at secondary level
18.12.2014 28207/SME Corrigendum of Resolution No. 28021/SME
17.12.2014 28021/SME Transfer of OES-II Officers
09.12.2014 27399/SME Engagement of Retired OSS officers as OSDs (Contractual)
05.11.2014 24162/SME Guidelines for Conducting Odisha Secondary School Teacher Eligibility Test(OSSTET)
05.11.2014 24140/SME Conducting Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) for appointing teachers in Secondary Schools
27.10.2014 23404/SME Recruitment Procedure of Govt. Secondary School
27.10.2014 23399/SME Common Qualification of Sanskrit
27.10.2014 23395/SME Common Qualification of Hindi
17.10.2014 22628/SME Gradation list of OES-I (SB)
20.08.2014 18272/SME Transferred & posted of OES-I(SB) officers
01.08.2014 16672/SME Rationalization of elementary teachers
31.07.2014 16550/SME Declaretion of Local Authority
30.07.2014 16485/SME Revised Guidelines on composition and function of SMC
19.07.2014 15761/SME Revised Guidelines on Primary ( Class-III stage) and Upper Pramary ( Class-V stage)scholarship Schemes.
09.07.2014 14893/SME Notification on Vision 2020
01.07.2014 14118/SME Multi Lingual Education Policy
01.07.2014 14081/SME Notification on Odisha Elementary Education Amendment Rule,2014
26.06.2014 13824/SME Transfer of OES -II (SB) Officers
26.06.2014 13816/SME Promotion of OES -II (SB) Officers
18.06.2014 13259/SME Promotion of Sr. SES
18.06.2014 13252/SME Promotion of Sr. SES
18.06.2014 13247/SME Tranfer and Posting of OES-II
24.05.2014 7557/SME Mutual Transfer.
31.03.2014 6939/SME Provision of Special Training to children for age appropriate enrollment in the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act,2009.
27.03.2014 6550/SME The BEOs shall be the Pension Sanctioning Authority w.e.f. 01.04.2014 for employees of Govt. Primary and Upper Primary (ME) Schools.
13.03.2014 5311/SME Corrigendum of Head Quarters of BEO, Gopabandhunagar is Khunta.
13.03.2014 5305/SME Declaration of Block Education Officers as DDO.
01.03.2014 4346/SME Amendment of the Odisha Aided Educational Institutions Employees' Retirement Benefit Rules, 2014.
01.03.2014 4336/SME Release of Grant-in-Aid to Private Educational Institutions as per GIA Order, 2013.
28.02.2014 4109/SME Creation of 525 of Regular posts of Teachers in abolition of Contractual posts of teachers engaged.
28.02.2014 4190/SME To declare the Principal, Hindi Teachers Training Institute, Cuttack as Head of Office and Drawing & Disbursing Officer.
12.02.2014 2906/SME 225 nos. of Private Educational Institutions to receive Grant in Aid.
12.02.2014 2900/SME Corrigendum of the Odisha Education (Payment of GIA to High Schools, Upper Primary Schools & Sanskrit Tols) Order,2013.
12.02.2014 2894/SME Notify 3 nos. of Private Educational Institutions eligible to receive Grant in Aid.
09.01.2014 770/SME Transfer of OES-I(SB) Officers.
11.12.2013 28534/SME Renotify B.P. High School, Berhampur, GP-Chhayalsingh, Bhadrak to receive Grant in Aid(Block Grant) w.e.f. 01.01.2004.
04.12.2013 27867/SME Resolution of Career Advancement Policy of Gana Sikshyaks.
03.12.2013 27696/SME Enhancement of remuneration of Sikshya Sahayak and Jr. Teachers.
30.11.2013 27522/SME The Posting of District Project Coordinator,SSA
29.11.2013 27419/SME Amendment of the Odisha Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Rules, 2010.
06.11.2013 25514/SME Transfer and Posting of OES-II(SB) Officers.
31.10.2013 24930/SME Promotion of the Sr.SES Headmasters/Headmistress to the rank of OES-II (School Branch).
31.10.2013 24923/SME Promotion of the Sr.SES Headmasters/Headmistress to the rank of OES-II (School Branch).
21.10.2013 23905/SME Guidelines for adjustment /deployment/repositioning of staff of the office of DEO/DIs/DMEO after re-organisation of S&ME Department.
11.10.2013 23595/SME Opening of Block Education Offices.
03.10.2013 23052/SME Appointment of Sikshya Sahayaks/Jr.Teachers as regular Primary School Teachers under Z.Ps. for the year 2013-14.
26.09.2013 22554/SME Opening of New Primary and Upper Primary School in the State under the RCFCE Rule,2010.
26.09.2013 22550/SME Procedure of admission of children belonging to disadvantaged group in Pvt. Un-aided Schools under RTE Act.
21.09.2013 22181/SME Flow of MDM Scheme funds and accounting procedure to be adopted.
22.08.2013 19917/SME Inclusion of Class-VIII in the Elementary Education.
20.08.2013 19718/SME Corrigendum vide Notification No.13452/SME dt. 10.06.2013.
08.08.2013 18836/SME Appointment of OES-II(SB) Group- B officers. 
06.08.2013 18674/SME Guidelines for Engagement of Sikshya Sahayaks for Multi Lingual Education Programme.
06.08.2013 18668/SME Guidelines for Engagement of Sikshya Sahayaks.
02.08.2013 18301/SME The Block Education Officers to act as Head of Offices and DDOs.
26.07.2013 17237/SME Creation of 1693 no.s of Regular posts of Teacher in different High Schools.
17.07.2013 16276/SME Declaration of BEOs as DDOs.
08.07.2013 15638/SME Notification of 4(four) OES-II(SB) Officers as Block Education Officers
06.07.2013 15602/SME Job Chart of District Education Officers & Block Education Officers after Re-organisation of S&ME Department.
28.06.2013 14860/SME Relaxation of the provision in Odisha Elementary Education Rules,1997.
21.06.2013 14219/SME Grant of NOC for establishment of Private High Schools, UP(ME) Schools & Sanskrit Tols.
19.06.2013 14071/SME Guidelines for Inter-District-Transfer of Secondary Teachers in the State
10.06.2013 327/SME Posting of Block Education Officer (BEO)
10.06.2013 13458/SME The Odisha Education (Payment of Grant-in-Aid to the High Schools, Upper Primary (ME) Schools, Sanskrit Tols and Madrasas) Order, 2013.
10.06.2013 13452/SME Re-notify 519 High Schools as eligible to  receive Grant in aid (Block Grant) with effect from 1st January, 2004.
31.05.2013 12896/SME Creation of posts of Block Education Officer under the School & Mass Education Department
31.05.2013 12890/SME Creation of posts of Addl. District Education Officer under the School & Mass Education Department
18.05.2013 11949/SME Guideline for Transfer of Secondary School Teachers within the District.
18.05.2013 11940/SME Re-Organisation of S&ME Department.
18.05.2013   11934/SME      Rationalization of Elementary Teachers/ZP Teachers/SSs/GS in Govt. Primary and Upper Primary Schools during the academic session 2013-14
08.05.2013 10769/SME The following Sr.SES Headmaster/Headmistress are promoted  temporarily to the rank of OES-II(School Branch) on adhoc basis.
07.05.2013 10557/SME Resolution of Para Teachers.
07.05.2013 10552/SME For streaming the distribution of text books for students of Primary and secondary education.
21.03.2013 7464/SME Notify the following Private educational institutions (Madrasas) eligible to receive grant-in-aid  (Block Grant).
21.03.2013 7469/SME  Notify the following Private educational institutions (Madrasas) eligible to receive grant-in-aid (Block Grant). 
13.03.2013 6655/SME Notification of OES-II(SB) Officers are hereby promoted temporarily to the  rank of  OES-I (School Branch)
23.02.2013 4918/SME Posting of OES-II (SB) Officers recommended by Odisha Public Service Commission, Cuttack.
16.02.2013   4221/SME Posting of Sri Gadadhar Behera,OES-II (SB) as D.I. of Schools, Bhubaneswar.
16.02.2013 4225/SME The following Sr. SES Headmaster/Headmistress are promoted temporarily to the rank of  of OES-II (School Branch) on adhoc basis.
05.02.2013 3064/SME Guidelines for Mutual Transfer of Elementary Teachers in the State.
04.02.2013 3009/SME Appointment under R.A. Scheme (5th Phase)
04.02.2013 3037/SME 1% reservation each OH,Deaf & VI candidates for engagement of Part Time Instructors in Art Education
21.01.2013 2085/SME Corrigendum for Educational Qualification of Art Education Instructor
11.01.2013 1227/SME Clarification of engagement of contract teachers during 2012-13.
10.01.2013 1160/SME Engagement of Part time Instructors in Upper Primary Schools.
03.01.2013 306/SME Creation of 609 nos. of Regular posts of Teacher in abolition of equal nos. of Contractual Posts of Teacher engaged in different Government High Schools during the year 2005-2006.
22.12.2012 32343/SME Regarding Uniform of the Teachers.
20.12.2012 32063/SME     Regularisation of Services of 52 Teachers engaged in the High Schools on Contractual basis in  Mayurbhanj Circle.
20.12.2012  32060/SME Proceedings of the review meeting on various issues of Bhima Bhoi School for the Blind, BBSR.
17.12.2012 31588/SME The Odisha Aided Educational Institutions' Employees' General Provident Fund
(Amendment) Rules, 2012.
17.12.2012 31571/SME The Odisha Aided Educational Institutions' Employees' Retirement Benefits(Amendment) Rules, 2012.
10.12.2012 30830/SME Engagement of Resource Person to import teaching in Science, Mathematics and English in Govt. High Schools
04.12.2012 30397/SME

Grant of no. of objection certificate in favour of privately managed english medium schools in the state.

27.11.12 29710/SME Appointment of Sikhya Sahayaks / Jr, Teacher as regular Primary School Teachers Under Zilla Parisads.
03.11.2012 27412/SME Notification of OES-II(SB) Officers are promoted to the rank of OES-I(SB)
03.10.2012 25114/SME Addendum to relax the existing qualification of Hindi Teachers
01.10.2012 25105/SME 

District Inspector of Schools as the Local Authority in respect of Elementary Schools

26.09.2012 24641/SME Operational guidelines for flow of MDM Scheme funds and accounting procedure to be adopted there-under
02.08.2012 20137/SME

Equivalency of diploma in Special Education with that of CT Examination conducted by BSE(O)

26-07-2012 19511/SME

Contractual engagement of Urdu/Persian Teacher's working in Aided High Schools/ Block Grant High Schools as Resource Teacher's in the said High Schools

05-07-2012 16624/SME

Guideline for 25 % reimbursement of per child expenditure in favour of unaided and specified category schools for admission of children belonging to Weaker Section and disadvantaged group

04-06-2012 14302/SME

Guidelines for conducting Teacher Eligibility Test (TET)

04-06-2012 14260/SME

Introduction of common qualification for the post of Classical (Sanskrit) Teachers in the high schools of the State with one scale of pay

21-05-2012 13116/SME Revision of Pension/Family Pension of the Primary School Teachers who retired during the period from 01.04.1985 to 04.09.198
26-04-2012 10999/SME Contractual Engagement of Urdu/Persian Teachers working in Aided High Schools/Block Grant Schools as Resource Teachers in the said High Schools
26-04-2012 10995/SME

Adjustment of Urdu/Persian Teachers working in 8 New Govt. High Schools (Taken Over)

19-04-2012 10161/SME Newly created 11 number of Education Circles in addition to the existing 19 number of Education
04.04.2012  8882/SME Appointment under R.A. Scheme (4th Phase)
04.04.2012 8885/SME Appointment under R.A. Scheme (4th Phase)
02.04.2012 8635/SME Conducting Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) for appointing teachers in Classes I to VIII
13.02.2012 3722/SME Notification regarding the Re-designated the post of Inspector of Schools as "District Education Officer"
15.12.2011 24763/SME Payment of Grant in Aid to Private Educational Institutions being Madrasas imparting Courses
01.12.2011 23554/SME  Appointment under R.A.Scheme, 2011 (4th Phase)
17.11.2011 22450/SME Enhancement of the monthly remuneration of untrained Gana Sikshyaks.


22445/SME Absorption of eligible Trained Gana Sikshyak as Sikshya Sahayak.
16.11.2011 22358/SME Corrigendum of S&ME Deptt. Notification No.17402/SME dt.30.08.2011.
20.10.2011 20222/SME Appointment of Sikshya Sahayaks/Jr.Teachers as regular Primary School Teachers under Z.P.s
17.10.2011 20021/SME Measures for improving the teaching process at the Secondary leavel
21.09.2011 18614/SME Declaration of Authority for Prosecution under Section-36 of RTE Act-2009.
13.09.2011 18041/SME Creation of 684 nos. of regular posts of teachers in abolition of equal nos of Cotractual posts in Govt.
05.09.2011 17542/SME Introduction of common qualification for the post of Classical (Sanskrit) Teachers in Govt.,Fully Aide, Block Gant and Recognised High Schools of the State with one Scale of Pay.
30.08.2011 17402/SME Payment of Grant-in-Aid by way of Block Grant to Private Madrasas Institutions.
20.08.2011 No.16778/SME

Clarification regarding Bio-Technology subject can be appointed/engaged in the Contractual post of TGT (Science)CBZ.

01.08.2011 15107/SME Career Advancement Policy of Sikshya Sahayaks/Jr.Teachers.
25.07.2011 14546/SME Regularization of Services of Teachers engaged in the High Schools on contractual basis
29.06.2011 No.12706/SME Notification of 3 UP(ME) Schools to receive Grant in Aid (Block Grant) w.e.f. 1st March, 2009
07.06.2011 No.11373/SME Grant in Aid Rules for Madrasa Educational Institutions
25.05.2011 No.10251/SME Absorption of disengaged Para Teachers of DPEP-II and EFA (Education for All)
21.05.2011 No.9923/SME  Notification of two left out Minority managed Primary schools eligible to receive grant in aid
13.04.2011 No.7175/SME  List of 45 Recognised Private Upper Primary Schools eligible to receive grant-in-aid (Block Grant)
29.03.2011 No.-6552/SME Revised common qualification of Hindi Teachers of Secondary Schools.
21.03.2011 No.-5999/SME Change in Academic Session 2011-12 due to Census Operation Work.
21.03.2011 No.-5972/SME Heat Wave Preparedness For Summar-2011
22.01.2011 No.-412/SME Constitution of School Management and Development Committee (SMDC) for all Govt./Aided High Schools.  
17.01.2011 No.-1266/SME Amendment of Orissa RCFCE Rules- 2010
12.01.2011 No.860/SME Nominated as Nodal Officer in respect of G.P. received from C.M.'s Grievance Cell & e-Abhijoga
11.01.2011 No.767/SME Guidelines for Composition & Functions of School Management Committee in Elementary Schools
10.01.2011 No.587/SME Guidelines For engagement of Sikshya  Sahayaks.
21.12.2010 No.22882/SME Special package for school fees and examination fees up to high school levels shall be waived in the afected areas for the year2010-11.
18.12.2010 No.22655/SME Guideline for admission in Private Un-aided Schools under RCFCE Act, 2009.
16.12.2010 No.22549/SME Formation of RMSA Society in the State name as "Orissa Madhyamik Sikshya Mission" to be registered under the SocietiesRegistration Act (Act-XXI of 1860).
09.12.2010 No.22095/SME Finalisation of Educational Qualification of the candidate applying for the post of Classical Teacher (Sanskrit).
03.12.2010 No.21665/SME Revision of Pension/Family Pension & Gratuity of Post-2006 Pensioners/Family Pensioners in case of employees of Non-Govt.Aided Primary Schools. and other Non Govt. Aided Educational Institutions under S&ME Deptt.
30.11.2010 No.21496/SME Sanctioned of 10% Dearness Relief (TI) to State Government Pensioners/Family Pensioners of Non Govt. Aided Primary,Upper Primary and High Schools.
24.11.2010 No.21003/SME Terms and Conditions of "DE-Scholarship" Scheme


HPC for recognition of Private High Schools and Upper Primary Schools.


Notification for prohibit screening procedure under RCFCE Act 2009
04.11.2010 No.19799/SME Notification for discontinue the Board Examination at elementary level from the academic session 2010-11.