School & Mass

Secondary Education

There are 6193 Govt. and aided Secondary Schools, 849 Recognized High Schools and 151 permitted High Schools in the State.

  • As per the GIA Rules, 2004, 1981 private High Schools have been notified to receive block grant. 
  • 1375 nos. of Contract Teachers has been engaged against the 3210 posts advertised. 
  • Contract teachers of High Schools have been allowed the minimum basic pay of their respective regular scale in Revised Scale of Pay 2008.
  • Government have approved 799 candidates as non-teaching staff under the Rehabilitation Assistance Scheme in the year 2010. 
  • Computer Literacy is being popularized in High Schools. Board of Secondary Education has included computer learning as an optional subject in the curriculum for Secondary schools.

Universalisation of Secondary Education

(A) Rastriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA) : RMSA is a national flagship programme initiated in 2009-10 to universalise Secondary Education by making good quality education available, accessible and affordable to all children within the age group of 14 – 18 years with strong focus on the elements of gender, equity & justice.


  • To provide secondary school within 5 K.M. and higher secondary school within 7-10 K.M. of every habitation.
  • Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) of 75% for class-IX & X within five years (by 2013-14).
  • Universal Access to Secondary Education (SE) by 2017.
  • Universal Retention by 2020.
  • Access to Secondary Education (SE) for all disadvantaged group of children.
  • To improve quality of education resulting in enhanced intellectual, social and cultural learning.

Action Taken

  • Annual Work Plan for 2010-11 and Perspective Plan for 5 years submitted to GoI.
  • PAB approved for 2009 – 10 Rs.207.18 crores and for 2010-11 Rs 507.92  crore .
  • Rs.3.00 crores released by GoI for “Preparatory Activities” such as :-
    Strengthening State and District offices.
    Strengthening manpower resources.
    Organising training/workshop/SEMIS etc.
  • Rs 71.40 crores released by GOI for “ Project    Activities ” such as :-
    Civil works for new school.
    MMER (Management Monitoring Evaluation &  Research which is being released to all the 30 districts.
  • Data collection, data entry and analysis of “Secondary Education Management Information System” (SEMIS), 2009-10 is completed & is under verification by the Inspector of Schools.

Work Done

  • Task force has been constituted at the state level.
  • Capacity building of Inspectors of Schools & DPCs done.
  • Steps taken to set up RMSA society.
  • School Mapping completed.
  • Bank accounts opened in state & district offices.
  • SSA society is the implementing society for RMSA until the new society formed.
  • The Memorandum & Byelaws of RMSA society (Orissa Madhymika Sikhya Mission -OMSM) have already been approved by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Orissa and has been registered under society registration act.
  • The Executive Committee will be convened very soon.
  • School student helpline has been opened. Along with CTS this also helps in tracking the out of school children.